Firstly sorry for my absence of late, instead of window-shopping I have been house-shopping!
So this short but sweet post is a brief round-up of the remaining spring schemes around London. During Easter I’m hitting the streets of New York, so watch this space for a stateside trend report in a few weeks in the mean time keep up to date with my tweets of the latest VM in NY.

Tribal culture-clash have influenced Harvey Nichols latest Sloane windows. Earthy tonal shades are broken up with linear lines, which outline the feature mannequin. Rows of repeated menswear focused objects are broken up with bold mark marking shapes.

Repetitive print also features at Diane Von Furstenberg

Sleek, industrial spider has taken over at Christian Louboutin using subtle product placement in this fun scheme.

White wash at Dover Street Market and Louis Vuitton. Intricate laser cut patters drape over the product at DSM while individual product are encased at LV in these fun oversized cake-cases.

Giant size props at Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino – love the interaction with the ape and the bride, another humorous window from this brand.

Hermes showcase accessories using these portholes, making the viewer take a closer look inside the window and seeing stormy scenes inside.

Celine’s new store has opened on Mount Street, i have been waiting to see what the windows would bring and wasn’t disappointed with the unusual approach to the space. Combining different textures using a wall of hay.

Happy Easter from Whistles and HMVM

With the amazing weather London has had over the past week I have been out and about to bring you highlights SS14 has to offer.

Block and Colour Gradient:
Brightly colour-blocked mannequins and props, especially like the strip detailing on the mannequins at Joseph. (Darkroom, Valentino, Grenson)

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Tonal and gradient colours are still visible this season; Love the strong geometric shape gradating in pastel tones at Fendi (Topshop, Miu Miu, Cos, Anthropologie)

Spring has Sprung:
Floral treatments have started to emerge; some literal concepts while other brands have chosen to use subtle floral representations like Burberry with these laser cut floral shapes. (Dior, Jigsaw, Oasis)

Other retails have used the essence of spring, JCrew have used stacked garden terracotta pots to create these geometric totem poles (Seen in the recent Art 14 Post last week) while blue skies and hypnotic bikes rotate at Christian Louboutin.

Taking inspiration from their collection, Moschino have supersized a burger and used cleaver branded graphics to frame it.

Karl Lagerfeld new store opened this week on Regents Street, great use of product in the window, Karl’s side profile outline has been created with multiples of perfume bottles.

Other supersized highlights from Topshop and Auerbach & Steele

Stick lights, neon and bulbs can add a quick and simple highlight to any scheme. (Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent, Topman)

Fun scheme at Tom Ford, transforming the window into an elevator.

A few retailers have highlighted an emerging trend of ‘games’, while Harvey Nichols re-created board games in Sloane Street a few weeks ago, here are other similar games concepts out there at the moment:
Liberty has used interesting graphics and pattern in the current windows; old-fashioned word games like crossword and word-search have been transformed into their scheme.

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Selfridge’s latest campaign is called ‘board games’ all mannequins are interacting with either skateboards or surfboards. Urban shapes and surfaces are seen in some windows while others have a powerful photographic backlit image. Interesting use of mannequins in a variety of positions is great to see.

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Moynat have created a continuous racetrack, bringing nostalgic memories of wooden toys and games.

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Mannequin Update:
Hair treatment, juxtaposing soft ends with a textured and hard top.

Mannequin positioning at Topshop, love the swings with the industrial clamp details and the paper drops. (This is also something I mentioned in last weeks Art 14 post)

Re-created mannequins at Underground and COS, great use of plinths to help display the product in new ways.

Last weekend I popped along to Art 14 at London's Olympia, lots of different areas to pull inspiration from and transform into a VM direction or concept, here are my highlights:

Dripping wax-forming layers completely engulfing the furniture object. A strong colour statement as well as adding an interesting texture to an object.

Repetition of objects in multiples.

Love the simplicity of these sculptures, using of-cut wood pieces and highlighting a single edge in a block colour creates an interesting textural object.

Playful references to childhood characters.

Layered paper with a continual rip running through the stack, forming the illusion of depth to the piece.

Marbling and linear strips are repeated on circular disc formations.

Animals made from multiple recycled objects and steel off-cuts which create their own material outline to the animal itself.

Light columns have been made using everyday objects with a metallic surface. Interesting shapes and forms are created from the natural outlines of the objects, repeated columns give more impact to the piece.

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