This weeks post focuses on the recent exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery ‘Inside Rolls Royce’ combining craftsmanship with technology creating a pioneering multi-sensory exhibition.

Walking through the exhibition you are stimulated visually as well as having multiple interactive elements in each room. Your mobile phone/tablet becomes your personal tour guide with information being pushed via I beacon technology as you walk through the space on the specially designed app, challenging the format of how we usually behave in an exhibition space.

All four senses were stimulated

Exciting interactive walls and touch screen formats.

The exhibition also had fun pit stops engaging people to explore the space for longer like the top gear leader board for a car game and the family space where people can enjoy sketching and colouring for all ages.

It was fabulous to see the artisans from Goodwood showcasing the handcrafted bespoke elements for the cars. The fibre optic lights in the ceiling of the Celestial Phantom re-creates the constellations exactly as they were over Goodwood at midnight when the first Phantom was completed off the production line. The detail in each of these crafts demonstrated was absolutely phenomenal.

I went to visit Victoria Beckham newly opened shop this week, after seeing all the media on it I wanted to check it out myself. I was pleasantly surprised as it could have been in danger of being a cold fashion space with no personality, but the angular lines, vanishing infinity points and edgy contemporary textures/materials made the space a beautiful concept store.

Seek a peek HMVM’s Christmas Trend Report is coming soon!

While Christmas is taking shape some retails have opted for pre Christmas concepts.

Halloween schemes are a bit hit or miss in London, but this considered illustrative concept from Topshop and Topman was a fantastic surprise with dark undertones in a conceptual way.

Great to see retailers showcasing collaborative art works in the window at Nicole Farhi.

Culture clash statement at Moschino.

Multi layered 2D prints bring the ad campaign to life.

Perspex replicas at Emporio Armani.

Animal business at Hermes, love how this brand is so playful with their VM a great way to display small accessory product.

Apologies for the quiet coverage of late, as retailers are showing early signs of Christmas festivities in London - a full trend report will soon be on its way. I thought I would showcase the amazing and ever changing installations that are around town at the minute.

As part of the Merge Festival, Alex Chinneck has created ‘A pound of flesh for 50p’ a life size replica two-storey house made from wax bricks. Evolving for 30 days as a constantly changing installation. The project celebrates the history of an old candle-making factory, which was based at Bankside a few century’s ago.

Ceramic artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper are the curators behind ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ the iconic centenary commemoration for the First World War at the Tower of London. In total 888,246 ceramic poppies will fill the Towers moat, the evolving installation is very powerful visualisation and truly sensational.

Richard Tuttle installation currently showing at the Turbine Hall in the Tate.

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